6 Celebrity Couples Who Tied the Knot in 2017

As for the very best news, Ghana viewers love celebrities’ weddings which are forever in demand. The year 2017 for Ghanaian celebrities was packed with important events, not only musical. Many of our favourite celebrities started a new page in their lives tying the knot with their beloved.

Several star weddings ruled the headlines while the others were secret ceremonies among friends and close family. Such news was helped bring out only after the event had already used place. You can read the latest news about your favourite celebrities in Ghana, just click Yen .

12 months is coming to its end and in a month a fresh year will come. Probably this last month will bring another superstar union; we can’t say for sure. So, a few consider that which we have for now. Here is the set of celebrities who linked the knot in 2017 and today are happily married.

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