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AKA makes it clear that he is not going to be an ATM in 2019

Source: Briefly news South Africa

People believe that celebs have an ever-flowing river of money that never dries up, so we can only imagine how many times family and friends expect celebs to just cough up. AKA isn’t down for that anymore and made it clear.

We all know how it goes – you’ve got a decent amount of money that you really worked hard for and suddenly your family and friends all need a little bit of cash.

Some of us have even been those family members or buddies who asked for a financial favour from someone whose wallet is fat.

However, not everyone wants to be the personal ATM for those around them. It’s tiring (and kinda unfair) that it’s expected from people, especially celebs, to just give all the time.

Well, AKA is not having that in 2019. He took to social media to make it clear.

The multi-award winning musician has decided that this year will not be another year of him giving out money to those closest to him.

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