yt 3136 Amnesty Internationals Human Rights Manifesto for SA Mienke Steytler - Amnesty International's Human Rights Manifesto for SA: Mienke Steytler

Amnesty International’s Human Rights Manifesto for SA: Mienke Steytler

South Africa has a progressive constitution and laws to protect human rights. But the implementation of these laws has often been lacking. 25 years since the dawn of democracy South Africa remains one of the most unequal nations in the world. Well ahead of the elections in May, Amnesty International has called on all parties to put human rights at the centre of their policies. Otherwise, it says the chains of unemployment and poverty could remain tight for decades.
It presented a Human Rights Manifesto for South Africa – tracking our progress across 25 years. The manifesto highlights 8 issues it considers important for parties and candidates to commit to – including the right to health for all, quality education for all, as well as upholding the rights of asylum seekers. To discuss we’re joined by Amnesty International media officer, Mienke Steytler.

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