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Breaking up with your debt – South Africa 2019

Most South Africans are in a relationship with Debt. Debt can be a bad relationship partner, often being overwhelming, dominating and creating a suffocating experience.

It’s Valentine’s Day, but some people went through a break-up recently. Break-ups are seldom a good experience, but here’s one that will leave you feeling awesome… Breaking up with debt.

The good news is it is possible to get out of this bad relationship. The bad news it takes time. But, since we are declaring an emergency I will give you a plan of action… Because this kind of breakup needs a plan and I’m nice like that.

I am Jacques P. Taljaard (BAP(SA)) (GTP(SA)), an accountant and tax practitioner in South Africa.

There’s very little information available to the general public of South Africa that assists new entrepreneurs in setting up a business. With this channel I aim to change that.

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*Disclaimer* Nothing in this channel can be considered “advice” in any form, and neither Jacques P. Taljaard nor Pretera Accounting Services can be held liable for any claim resulting from the information in this video. Since circumstances often differ vastly, should you need advice we recommend getting in touch with a professional service provider.

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