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DISCUSSION: South African Children’s Manifesto

The Ambassadors, Presidents, Speakers of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Parliament of 2017 and 2018 and Efeng Bacha Advisory Committee came together on the 22 – 24 February 2019 to develop “A South African Children’s Manifesto” in Boksburg, Gauteng Province.
the children of South Africa call upon political parties, executives, officials in all spheres of government, Chapter 9 institutions, State Owned Enterprises, business, labour, social movements and the broader civil society organisations to adopt, engage, implement and monitor the South African Children’s Manifesto. The manifesto contains 4 pillars of the constitution which are Child Protection; Child Development; Child Survival and Child Participation,to ensure the children’s holistic and inclusive well being. We have in studio Ms Hoikana Maduna and Ms Jade Naidoo they are the junior Board Members of EfengBacha advisory committee of the Nelson Mandela children’s fund and also the custodians of the Manifesto.

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