yt 3397 South Africa election 2019 Is Ramaphosas ANC losing support DW News - South Africa election 2019: Is Ramaphosa's ANC losing support? | DW News

South Africa election 2019: Is Ramaphosa’s ANC losing support? | DW News

South Africa’s governing African National Congress is holding its final campaign rally ahead of the country’s 2019 general election. Supporters poured into the Johannesburg stadium for the event. It’s aimed at boosting support for the party as it faces the strongest challenge yet to its 25 years in power. President Cyril Ramaphosa is promising new jobs and economic growth. Nelson Mandela’s ANC has governed South Africa since the racist apartheid system ended, but has been shaken by several corruption scandals. The ANC is expected to win the election, but predictions say that opposition parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters and the Democratic Alliance will make significant gains this time around.

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