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Why South Africa is a Climate Change Criminal (Part 2/3)

South Africa produces far too many heat-trapping greenhouse gases for our size. What’s going on?

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In this episode, we explore why South Africa is setting all the wrong records: worst carbon emitter in Africa, one of the highest per capita in the world, worst carbon emissions single point source in the world and some of the worst air quality in the world in Mpumalanga. Although we all bear some responsibility, the overwhelming problem lies in our historical dependency on coal, and just two companies are to blame for more than half of our emissions. Meanwhile, the SA government under President Cyril Ramaphosa seems to be a veritable contradiction when it comes to the climate crisis, both acknowledging climate change as an “urgent” threat, and backing fossil fuels to hell and back.


Politically Aweh is covering climate change in South Africa this month in a 3-part mini series and a livestreamed roundtable discussion on climate action on Thursday 26 September at 6pm CAT.

We have committed to producing climate content as part of the global #CoveringClimateNow campaign, which has united over 220 news outlets around the world to emphasise humanity’s greatest challenge.

Read more about the climate crisis in South Africa in Daily Maverick’s Our Burning Planet series:

This content was produced in partnership with Action24 – Active Citizens for Responsive Legislatures (for more, see the in-video credits).

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