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Why the Netherlands doesn’t care about the (Dutch) South African farmers ✅ The Dutch do not care about the South African farmers. Here is why.

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The situation regarding white farmers in South Africa is something that has received a lot of attention on the internet, but no attention in mainstream Western media. Even after the documentary made by Lauren Southern, this hasn’t changed.

Important South African figures Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema have openly been calling for the murder of white farmers. Interestingly, this has not been addressed by the Western media.

This video has been inspired by and based on the following articles in the Dutch language:

De Plaasmoorde in Zuid-Afrika worden ten onrechte gebagatelliseerd

De wrange politieke context van de Zuid-Afrikaanse Plaasmoorde

Afrikaner Boeren steeds verder in het nauw

Special thanks to Robert Bor!

Paul Nielsen

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